Student’s view on advantages of International MBA

A very recent column in the Hindustan Times highlighted the advantages of International MBA, and how it helps in shaping a great career in management field.

The article interviewed three students, each from top international b-schools viz., Harvard Business School, Insead and Wharton. Incidentally, all the three students were degree holders from IIT.

Here is the highlights of the advantages they experienced after their stint in these reputed international b-schools:-

  • It helps develop an informed perspective on important issues — which are of relevance to business and society and to actually transform thoughts into actions.
  • The diversity of the student base is unrivalled and hence, for someone looking to build a true global network of friends, and future business partners/contacts, it helps immensely.
  • Learning from and learning with people from different backgrounds helps you develop a multifaceted point of view
  • Building a significant technical and professional skills, including honing soft skills for interacting with and managing people and developing a logical thought process for approaching problems and finding the required answers.
  • The degrees also helps with broad recognition, as most people know about the institutions and understand that a lot of hard work has gone into getting admission and graduation from these institutions
  • Helps one to develop a very practical and approachable network of friends and advisors.

Read the full article – HERE

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