Tips for Banking Exams and coping exam pressures

With Banking Exams round the corner, students need to get the best tips from experts to tackle these exams better.

A few web portals have come out to help students by chatting and giving valuable tips. Here are a few that could help you out – arranged a chat with experts on how to prepare for the SBI Bank PO exam.

Students were given tips on importance of mock test at home, English language comprehension, general awareness, banking related questions, current affairs etc.,

The experts also stressed on the solving old papers which are available online and also at the stores.

Students also got to know the basic pay for different grade of bank officers.

Read the full transcript on the website – HERE

How to cope exam pressures?

Next up, The Hindu newspaper has come up with 50 exams tips that could help you out with coping the exams pressures viz., how to handle parental pressures, keep track of time, managing illness, creativity, handling tricky questions, relaxation techniques etc.,

Though these tips have come just one per day, we provide you the link wherein you can find the entire tips in a few web pages of google.

Check out the same – HERE

All the best to all students.

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