Tips on scoring well in your MBA placement

Here is one more article from the Hindustan Times that we wish to share with students.

The article gives some important tips on how to score well and impress upon during your MBA placement.

There is lot of speculation today over the impact of the economic slowdown on B-school placements. The article focuses on how, in this gloomy economic scenario, fresh MBAs can manage a fat pay package and a great job profile for themselves.

The article touches on the following points:

  • Having a clear goal
  • Keeping yourself updated on current events in the world
  • Participating in college events etc.,
  • Tips on how to present yourself to the recruiter, and
  • Focusing on company, rather than salary, will take you much higher and faster in your career

This is followed by what recruiters have to say, and further tips on overall development for an MBA graduate.

Read the full article here – Hindustan Times

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