Would MBA make you rich?

Forbes.com has come up with a report on whether being an MBA makes you richer?

It’s an interesting news article which list the top 100 richest people in the corporate world.

It starts with the example of Apple CEO Tim Cook. who is an MBA, and who last year got a whopping salary package of $ 378 million. (now, that’s some real money)

Surprisingly, the article then goes on to list some of the richest people, who aren’t MBA, but entreprenuers who were school dropouts, including our very own Reliance Chief, Mukesh Ambani.

It argues then that people who start from nothing have more passion to achieve, or had a family empire and so on. It lists only a handful of MBAs in the top 50 rich people in the world, and surprisingly only two women MBAs in top 50 best paid list.

So, is MBA not a good option to get rich?

Well, the modern business need intricate strategy management and the Apple CEO is the perfect example of how a good b-school education can get you prepared for it, as the article finally lists 40 MBAs who have made it to the top 100 highest paid list in the United States.

Carry on reading the original article in full, which gives an interesting comparision among MBAs and non-MBA top earners, followed by list of colleges in which the top MBA chaps did their schooling. MBA hopefuls can be more confident now as a big pay package awaits you in future.

> Original Article (in full)

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