The leading multi-disciplinary Indian university in the Middle East, Manipal University (MU), Dubai, has instituted an annual academic scholarship called MAESTRO Scholarships for meritorious students in CBSE and ICSE Schools in the UAE. The Scholarship is  bestowed to the UAE Toppers in both CBSE and ICSE schools across all three streams […]

Scholarships for UAE toppers in 12th from Science, Commerce & ...

What after 10th ? Science or Commerce ? If you are one of those student who are confused in choosing either, we try our best to make it simpler for you to understand the basic difference in both these courses. The choice of Science or Commerce after X standard is […]

What after 10th – Science or Commerce ?

A comparision on four graduation programmes that a commerce student or even an arts student can choose – B.Com course, BAF course, BFM course and BBI course. Each one is unique with different career path involved hence a careful look in to what each of these course focus on, the […]

B.Com vs BAF vs BFM vs BBI

The most important time for choosing a career that a student may follow the rest of their lives is after 12th, when s/he gets admission in to a degree college. Hence, the most important question is – what after 12th? A student needs to choose a course wisely after considering the pros and […]

Courses after 12th