The verdict is out. An Executive MBA is the best compared to other MBA programs, and here is what Patty Keegan, Associate Dean, University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business Executive MBA North America programme has to say, in her interview to the Chicago Business. The EMBA program is really […]

Is an Executive MBA really worth it?

Here we now compare different MBA types that would give students a better idea on which one suits them better. Though a full-time regular MBA is the most in-demand MBA, more and more students are opting for alternate programs that could fulfil their MBA dreams ie., looking for different types […]

MBA Types (a quick comparision)

Before we go in to the question of what MBA or best mba to opt for, let’s get a quick brief on what is an MBA? A MBA is a Masters course (done after graduation) that educates one on the managing aspects involved in a business viz., managing money, managing […]

What MBA is best mba ?

Every working professional desires to earn a degree that leverages their career prospects, while enhancing their skills, and giving a broader outlook to their day-to-day work. Executive mba or emba is designed to meet such specific needs of every working professional. It focuses on global business management strategies, equipping leadership qualities […]

Executive MBA (e-mba)