marketing mba

HR or Marketing, each caters to completely different aspects of management, and hence a comparision would surely bring about the difference in functions an HR manager uses in his work compared to a Marketing manager. The area of concentration of efforts are totally different, though both have one common aspect […]

HR or Marketing MBA

Before we go in to the question of what MBA or best mba to opt for, let’s get a quick brief on what is an MBA? A MBA is a Masters course (done after graduation) that educates one on the managing aspects involved in a business viz., managing money, managing […]

What MBA is best mba ?

An organisation that cannot sell its products or services in an effective manner stands to lose out in the long run. With every known services and products available in market from different sources, the only way to outwit and outthink your competitors is intelligent marketing. So, what is MBA in […]

Marketing MBA (MBA in Marketing)