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Here is a really cool video posted on Youtube by Wengie giving you 7 effective tips to ace your upcoming exams. She starts with – How important it is to get good sleep. All of us have different body clock, so get as much sleep as your body needs. She […]

7 cool study tips to ace your exams – Video

Effective note taking will go a long way in your success in school or college studies. Taking down notes effectively will not only help you increase your knowledge but retain things for the all important exams. Gather the note-taking materials Get a note-book with plenty of pages and divide them […]

Study tip of the week: Taking Notes

It is important that you take breaks during your studies, so that you are not feeling tired after one long session. Also, doing the right thing during these study breaks is equally essential, so that it helps you get back to studies in good mood. Have a small snack A […]

Study tip of the week: Study Breaks – Dos and ...

Setting up your study place and time is important. Each one of you have your own idea about the place and the time to study. Whether it is a corner in your bedroom, your balcony or a library you visit etc., Now, fix a time to study, say, afternoon, late […]

Study Tip of the Week – Fix a Place and ...

Studying in groups or group discussion is one of the best ways to learning things more effectively. Given below are the reasons why it is considered so- 1) Quicker and better results. With more brains involved you will find that it is quicker and easier to solve complicated and difficult […]

Why is group study the best way for learning