7 cool study tips to ace your exams – Video

Here is a really cool video posted on Youtube by Wengie giving you 7 effective tips to ace your upcoming exams.

She starts with – How important it is to get good sleep. All of us have different body clock, so get as much sleep as your body needs.

She then talks about how eating the right food (snacks) during study really helps.

Next, choosing your own best time to study, and that depends upon what you feel is the best time that your mind is fully alert.

She stresses on the importance of why planning before the study session is important. Knowing what to study keeps your focus during study and the time is utilised fully well.

On note taking, she talks highlighting important points makes it easier to remember.

Teaching others or asking questions is yet another good way to re-learn whatever one has studied.

And last but not the least, why you should reward yourself for even the smallest achievement. It motivates you to do better again.

All the tips are flexible in the sense you can use it according to your preferences as each of us being different (physically and mentally) and have our own prioroirites and choices.

Check out the full video here –


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