How to cope exam pressures in a smart way

Attending your classes regularly, going to tuitions, organising notes, doing study sessions etc., in the final weeks of your exam is huge task for any student.

Here are some quick study tips shared by students to get the best before the all important exam beings.

Start Early:

It is better to start early than cramming up a day before the exams, which will only leave you exhausted, as very little gets registered in your brain.

“I put a note on my calendar, a week before the exam, the date on which to sort out my notes and begin preparation. This allows me to organise things in a better way,” Umesh Ved, a second year science student says,

“It takes some time initially, but going though your notes a little each day before the exam beings, allows me to remember better, and the additional efforts does get reflected in your marks,” he added.

Pick a study spot

It is important that you have a permanent spot for studying, as changing it often doesn’t go well with your studies.

Whether it is a corner in your room, a friend’s place or a library, it has to be a quiet place with good lighting and no distractions. The environment plays an important role in remembering whatever you study.

Anju Thomas, a zoology student, says “I prefer studying in my room that has a big table. It has enough space for me to put all my college notes down at one place, so referring to them becomes very easy.”

Keep away that mobile

Distractions is one of the biggest reason that affects a students rememberance power.

The more you are studying in a place full of distraction the less likely you are to remember.

Technology can be a boon to students in this age with the ease that notes and other important study stuffs can be exchanged using mobiles and laptops. However, when you are studying it is advisable to put off these things.

Social media is a big distraction, and hence switching off mobiles, laptops, tablets, televison etc., during study time is very important.

“I cannot stay away from my mobile and social media apps, but i make it a point that i switch it off before my study time,” says Joshua P., a final year biotech student.

“I started doing this, because even a single beep on a social messenger like Whatsapp or Facebook tempted me to look at it. And before i knew i had already lost 15-20 minutes of my valuable time.”

Exam Day

Starting fresh is always better, so going to bed early, the night before exam, is highly recommended, so also is having a light meal the next day before leaving for exams.

“I make it point to have a light meal in the morning, like poha or oatmeal, so that i am not full. Also foods like oatmeal or cornflakes gives you good energy,” says Pari Gupta.

“Going empty stomach would again be a mistake, as the last thing i want is my stomach growling during the exams”

You may try these useful tips to set up for a success in your upcoming exams as well as future exams.

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