How to break ice with your seniors in college

Once you take admission in a college for graduation course, you will witness drastic changes in your life. Along with the regular academic activites you indulge many other social acitivities viz., making new friends, be the part of societies and meeting many new people, and most importantly – getting along with your seniors.

Interaction with seniors are a great help for freshers, right from guiding them in tackling difficult situations in the campus, to helping them with studies etc., Hence, breaking ice with your seniors in the first year is important for every fresher.

If you face difficulty in initiating conversation with senior students, you have to follow few efficient ways to break the ice properly.

Always Opt to Take Initiative

Seniors always love those fresher candidates, who possess enough confidence. Hence, being juniors you should firstly take initiative to communicate with them. This will indicate your ability towards taking responsibility. If you are the first fresher candidate, with whom they are talking to in your batch, you will be able to be their first junior friend.

Involve Yourself in Games and Sports

Watching new games and sports as well as providing support to famous clubs is new fad among collegiate. In fact, you will find many of your seniors involved in any kind of sport or even you will come across anyone, who knows many things about different types of sports.
Junior students should always keep in mind that sport is more or less similar to any religion that aims at binding people with one another, while involvement in sports also gives a good impression in front of their seniors.

Ask to Enjoy out during Lunch Time

You may always ask senior students to discover many new places nearby your college campus. As they have spent long hours in the campus, they have good awareness about many fun places across and inside the campus building.

Act Confidently During an Intro Session

Intro sessions serve as most crucial events for senior and junior students willing to know each other in better way. During these sessions, seniors may crack jokes and give different tasks (even funny or peculiar tasks) to do to juniors. However, whatever is the joke or task should be; you have to act very confidently and always be sport to handle these sessions. For instance, if your senior asks you, “whom you think a hottest person among us?”, you should reply to the question confidently rather than becoming offended.

Make Sure to Interact with Humbleness

None of the individuals likes a person, who always shows attitude and proud feelings while interacting with others. Same thing applies for senior students. They already know about your merit scores or first division marks in your Class 12 board examinations or in junior college. Hence, you do not require mentioning about it repeatedly.

Moreover, no one is concerned about your achievements in school, as college acts as a fresh start for every person. Therefore, with the aim to set up healthy relationships with your seniors, you should always stay modest and make sure to interact with your seniors in humble manner.


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