How to choose the right college after your 10th?

The new academic session is approaching and the hunt for colleges had started. With the start of new college, you will meet many faces as your teachers, colleagues, seniors and staff. This is the phase when you actually need freedom in decision and thoughts, be it you subject selection or selecting a college.

How to find an appropriate college after 10th?

These days searching has become convenient and easy. You can surf over internet to sort a list of top colleges offering the subject that you selected. With this list, try to find out the answers of the questions you are looking for. You can also try on a local listing directory for the nearest and suitable options.

Alternatively, you can talk to your school seniors, neighbors and parents to get a clear insight on ideal criteria of a choosing college.

The important point is to know the reviews carefully and to gather as much information available. You must know the criteria while choosing a college. Remember this is the most important and a lifetime decision and hence you need to be careful with all information. You can also consult a career advisor for your subject scope and course curriculum to take better decision on the further qualifications.

What should be the ideal criterial to choose a good college?

Despite of lots of information over internet, it is good to consider the reference and expert advice first. Let’s look at the ideal criteria of choosing a college:

  • The college must be accredited under a known university that is recognized by City, State or National Education Department (AICTE, UGC etc.,).
  • The college must offer the subject stream and preferably degree level studies.
  • It must offer flexible fees, payments mode and payments terms, to be able to afford it.
  • Check the opportunities to get financial aid i.e some State grant, student loan etc.
  • If you are a top scorer you can try with colleges that have low admission rate, else go for the colleges with high admission rate
  • As you are choosing a college after 10th, you may still find out the records of graduation success.
  • For part time degree, college must offer flexible lecture schedules, online learning, weekend classes, short term attendance options etc.
  • There must be Campus facilities and academic support resources
  • The college must preferably have a career guidance cell and advisory board
  • The job placement ratio of the college must be high
  • Overall the location and premises of the college must be at a safe location
  • Don’t forget to track the history of college in terms of students act and any other antisocial activities

Finalizing a college can be hectic and tiresome but remember that choosing a college, after 10th, is first step to your career success. When you know about the college before applying, you can confidently take admission. So, best of luck with your searches!


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