How to De-Addict from your Smartphone while studying

“Okay, just half an hour of T.V. and then it is study time”, a couple of decades back this is how parents convinced their kids to study. T.V. was an addiction then. Today, even a 3 year old kid refuses to eat meal unless her favourite song plays on that 5 inch screen of a smartphone.

Smartphones have certainly transformed our lives; in many cases in a good way. However, the perils of using a smartphone cannot be ignored, especially, when it comes to students, when exams and studies are looming on their heads.

We give you 5 simple ways on how you can boost your concentration while studying by de-addicting from your smartphone. Indeed we would not suggest you completely bar its usage. However, you can work around with these useful tips.

1. Turn-on the “Airplane Mode”

For some, a smartphone is equivalent to the clothes they wear; they have to have it 24×7. The minute you don’t see your cell-phone around you get a mini heart-attack.

While studying, though, this could lead to many distractions. If you still want your smartphone closer, just switch it to the “AirplaneMode.”

This feature of the phone is rarely used but this is one of the best features that’ll help you study better.

The most common distractions are the WhatsApp pings or Facebook likes and comments on the recent selfie you uploaded. The “Airplane Mode” cuts off the network – No pings, no distractions. As simple as that!

2. Monitor Your Smartphone Usage

If you’ve completed a zillion levels of Candy Crush or can’t get enough of Temple Run; you should also know that there’s more to the smartphone than just gaming apps.

Download an app that monitors your smartphone usage (eg., Moment app). You’d be astonished to know the number of hours you use the device. Numbers will help, they always do; exam results!!! So, once you realize the usage, you can easily manage to control it.

Want to take this to the next level? Organize a game amongst your friend circle. The person with the least usage gets a gift or may be the person with the maximum usage could treat you all. That sounds fun no? Give it a try!

3. Treat Yourself For Not Using The Smartphone

The best way to stay away is by promising yourself something that would benefit you. For e.g. tell your mother to make your favorite dish for dinner provided you won’t use the cellphone for the next few hours.

If you are one of those lucky ones who gets pocket money, put a small amount in your secret compartment, whenever you manage to stay away from using the phone. You’d be astonished to find how much you’d save by the end of your examinations.

4. Make One of Your Family Members Your PA

This is your opportunity to act like a boss!!! Just give away your cellphone to one of your family members while you study. (If are too concerned for privacy, you can easily password protect it.)

Let them answer your calls for you. Once you’re done studying get a quick update on your schedule ;).

5. Turn Off Notifications – Turn On the “Silent Mode”

This would work for those who are not comfortable keeping the phone on ‘Airplane mode’. So, if you want feel satisfied and not be completely disconnected from the virtual world, this is the best you can do.

Of course, silent mode doesn’t mean the vibration option should be turned-on. Complete silence.

Essentially, to de-addict from something you must work around it. Using a smartphone has literally become a way of life but you must realize that excessive can never benefit you.

“Smartphone is a beautiful gift of technology, use it when necessary, don’t necessarily use it.”


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