How to Inculcate Quality of Punctuality in your Child

“I was taught a very strong work ethic that included punctuality, which I’ve always felt is a sign of respect for others.”- Nicole Kidman, Actress.

When an Academy Award winning actress makes such a strong and polite statement that means punctuality is still a virtue that everyone always appreciates deep down in their soul. People always remember the ones who are on time and count on them more often than others.

Time and tide waits for no man, that’s what makes punctuality so vital in life.

Time cannot be earned once lost and thus every second is very precious. Hence, inculcating this quality in your child is essential. Here are several effective ways to encourage your kids to be on time since young age:-

Early to bed and early to rise:
Sleeping early and waking up early in the morning keeps one feeling fresh and at ease throughout the day. An early riser has a lot more productive day since they have a more active lifestyle.

Waking up early gives them time to prepare and get done with their tasks on time, or sometimes, before time. A punctual person will complete tasks when assigned that also gains them respect among their peers and seniors, which makes them feel more accomplished in life.

Make a fresh weekly schedule:
Encourage your child to have a fun to-do-list. They could stick at their work desk or on their wardrobe doors, where it is visible to them. Gently remind them of tasks and timing, like say – time to play, take a nap, clean the dishes, packing bag for next day, attending a birthday party and so on.

Give them space to allow 2-3 days to not follow this list and teach them to prioritize their tasks. Include them in creating the schedule for the next week so they learn better planning and stick to their own commitments.

The most interesting way of inculcating the habit of punctuality is with the help of sports. Every sport has a certain time limit, which makes sportsperson value every second of the time they have in hand. A blink of an eye can change the entire game so being alert and active is crucial too, miss a jump or a catch by seconds and you or the team can lose an entire game.

These points make it hard to ever be non-punctual. Through sports you aren’t just being punctual but also learning things like respecting your superiors, understanding on-field and off-field tactics etc.,

Practice before you preach:
Children learn from their parents and hence, it is important that you set a good example for them of being punctual. A lot of time being punctual means letting someone know that you would be late due to certain circumstances instead of lying. Children pick up on these things and will not take this virtue seriously if you don’t do so yourself.

A lot of times parents forget to appreciate small things that their kids do, without realizing that these things are the ones that become big someday. Hence, appreciate your children in person and publicly on few occasions when they are punctual or have shown signs of being punctual and appreciating other’s time.

Punctuality will gain accolades, respect, recognition and awards in the professional life, so why not get a bit used to this habit? A habit that’s only fruitful in all ways and does not require too many efforts from our end.

The time saved today can be used tomorrow for better things, more useful events and occasions. As we have learnt throughout the years, ‘A stitch in time saves nine’.

Save time for family, hobbies and for yourself with just getting the work or activity done on time, as simple as it sounds.


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