How to spend your board vacations fruitfully

Exams are over and summer vacations are on. Many of you must be already bored by sitting at home watching television or playing video games. For many students, summer vacation is long period of 2 or 3 months’ holiday. These are the times you can get only in your school and college life. Once you start your adult life, you are never going to get such long vacations ever, so why not spend it fruitfully and productively?

It could be just the perfect period for you to explore the world and to learn new skills. If you think travel is too clichéd then there are many other options to spend vacations productively. It can be good volunteering experience at remote location or you can simply learn new language. It could be fun!

The options are endless. This article will tell you some amazing ways to spend your vacations.

1. Get a summer job

Many places hire summer interns or temporary employees during this period. It not only gives you extra cash but also enhances your resume. Skills learned on summer job will help you to improve your professional quotient and communication.

Think about what kind of job will fit perfect to you. High school students can assist local librarian, work at community center or take care of dogs and pets. You can browse through many online communities where people post requirements about the summer job. Apart from skills, the summer job will also give many stories to tell.

2. Volunteering for a cause

This option is really getting popular among students who want to work in the field of philanthropy and get real experiences in life. Shortlist the causes you are passionate about. You can find organizations working for that cause in your own neighborhood. Volunteering is not always about spending thousands of dollars to reach at remote place and work there. You can start from own city. From medical social work to homeless shelters, the opportunities are endless.

You can take the volunteering at next level by taking part in NGO based at remote locations. Several organizations such as Doctors Without Borders, Oxfam and Greenpeace run fantastic volunteering programs.

3. Developing a hobby or studying new field

Summer is a perfect time to learn those odd subject which always fascinated you but you couldn’t do it due to schools. Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) offer lessons and tutorials from top universities in the world. The subjects are as diverse as robotics, nano- technology to museum management and public speaking. You can start developing hobbies such as photography, video editing through MOOCs. ( is one such reputed MOOC provider)

Watch documentaries, videos and films about the topic you are researching about. Who knows, you may even find your future career? It is hence worth giving a shot. You can also try to get in touch with top experts in the skill you are learning. Start writing blog about your personal experience and spread the knowledge.

4. Try off-beat travel

Rather than going to expensive touristy spots which are always crowded in summer, hunt of lesser known locations near your cities. Plan trips on shoe strings budget. Choose the path less taken. This will not only save money but also increase your confidence.


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