Parenting Tips: 5 Soft Skills you should develop in your child

The 21 st Century has shown development in all aspects of life; one such aspect is the mental growth of children. Kids these days are more active, they tend to grasp actions and words at a faster pace than a few decades back.

Seeing and keeping the current scenario of how the world is progressing, there are certain soft skills that parents should try inculcating in their child at the earliest age possible.

While sympathising make one feel vulnerable and weak, empathy makes one more understanding towards an individual’s problems and conditions, rather than just feeling sad about it.

Empathy helps in connecting with a person and removing any mental blocks that creates conflicts. Research have pointed out that children who have empathetic attachment are –

  • more socially competent and confident
  • better at dealing with other children, thus easily making friends
  • better at communicating
  • better able to deal with setbacks, and
  • much more likely to engage and complete their education in higher studies

Hence, this is one soft skill that a child will always thank their parent for teaching them.

Here is one good weblink that provides tips on how to develop empathy in kids – Teaching Empathy to children

Personal Space
As kids grow up they have to be made aware of creating their own healthy personal space and respecting other’s personal space.

Each child has to be made aware about being in touch with their feelings and have respectful power to ask someone to step out of their personal space, when they feel uncomfortable. Similarly, also respect other people’s personal spaces.

Manners are the most significant soft skills that a child must inculcate. Frequently, using golden words such as Thank you, Please etc. is a sign of a child having good manners.

The society will be a place full of illiterate educated people if there is no display of manners.

A parent when teaches a child the difference between good and bad manners, the result is a well-behaved child.

Most kids today lack listening capacity! Even before the other person has finished speaking, they start developing their answers. This is not only impolite, but makes our kids anxious beings, who would want to win a conversation, come what may.

Active listening enhances concentration and lets one understand subject matter more clearly and easily.

Strong and successful people in every walk of life, are first and foremost, good listeners.

Follow this link to get some ideas on How to develop listening skills in kids.

As kids, we all learn solving math problems since an early stage but how comfortable are we with the idea of solving our own personal life problems?

Life isn’t all roses. There are thorns too, and teaching your child how to deal and tackle with problems is like teaching them to getting rid of some thorns from their life.

Kids always turn to parents for help without even trying to find solution themselves. Though it is fine till a child is around 5 years of age, but from then on they are becoming their own individuals and need to be offered space to solve some problems like finding a missing eraser by themselves.

This skill can grow and help a child in tackling problem of dealing with unpleasant friends and issues in their lives.

The basic idea is not to leave them alone but guide them in a way that they become confident in solving problems by themselves.

To conclude, every child is precious because they are the future of this fast developing world. Making the world a better place is possible if every parent take the initiative by developing these important soft skills in their child.


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