Ragging – How to avoid it

With every new session, you enter to a new world of education. For those who have finished their matriculation, there are many doors opened to enter the new career. Now when you are grown up and planning to start your college or higher school education, this is the correct time to talk about the challenges, patience and goals. The most important point is you should stick to your goal and firmly deal with the pressure and challenges coming on your way.

The bitter part of Ragging

I am trying to discuss about this true but bitter part that most students have encountered. Ragging is the most prevalent act in almost all colleges and schools;

Ragging usually means bullying the juniors or making fun of them inside the college, hostels and classrooms. The form of ragging as a horrible act of physical torture, inhuman activities, mental suffering and misconduct has completely changed the friendly and fun ending objective of this tradition. Apart from these unethical tortures, many cases of psychosis have been seen where the student fail to cope up or fight with the situation. They either left their incomplete education or taken the drastic step of ending their life.

Escape yourself from abusive ragging

Let’s figure out of some of the tips to escape yourself from abusive ragging. The most important part is to keep yourself daring and polite. Responding to abusive sentences might increase the aggressions; hence we come up with some random tips on “how to not give in to abusive ragging”:

1. The best tips is to research in advance about the college and its hostel, accordingly, try to find if you already have anyone known to you, as a senior in college.

2. Get details about their anti-ragging cell or complaint cell and find out how active they are.

3. When you join the college, make friends and always move in group so that you won’t be the only one to stand up against abusive ragging.

4. Try to be friendly and helpful with seniors to an extent that it does not become a burden.

5. Friendly ragging is good, so play along there. But be very strong in your body language to show that you mean business when it comes to negative ragging.

6. Communicate confusingly whenever they approach you or talk to you, talk on different matter and manipulate your discussions.

7. Stay cool and focused during the ragging phase. Your only goal must be education.

8. If the process is becoming adverse and abusive, you can drop a hidden complaint in the complaint box available at the college.

9. Finally, if the abusive ragging is crossing the limits of your patience, consult your parents and college.

Remember, it’s a challenge and you have to overcome it. If it is being sexual or physical, be bold and pretend yourself and lodge an immediate complaint, believe in your college and be transparent with your parents.

Here is link that could be used to contact NGOs working on anti-ragging issues – http://www.no2ragging.org/


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