Study Tip of the Week – Fix a Place and Time

Setting up your study place and time is important.

Each one of you have your own idea about the place and the time to study. Whether it is a corner in your bedroom, your balcony or a library you visit etc.,

Now, fix a time to study, say, afternoon, late night, early morning or right after your return from college. Try out which suits you best.

Now most importantly stick to this place and schedule, don’t change it often.

Too much shifting between places and setting different timings affects your concentration.

Make sure of the following things:-

  • Your chosen study place is quiet and distraction free. This helps you concentrate and results will inspire you.
  • Keep things in order at this place, as too many things lying down here and there causes unnecessary distraction.
  • Most importantly, keep your mobile switched off.
  • Fix a time for study, say 2 or 3 hours, but don’t push beyond the limit as it will tire you out.


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