Study tip of the week: Study Breaks – Dos and Don’ts

It is important that you take breaks during your studies, so that you are not feeling tired after one long session.

Also, doing the right thing during these study breaks is equally essential, so that it helps you get back to studies in good mood.

Have a small snack

A good simple tasty snack will restore the energy back in your body for a shortwhile, that could be enough for the next session.

So, try some fruits, little milk with cornflakes etc., If you love to cook, make some snacks before your session starts. It ensures a just the right healthy home cooked snack.

Go for a walk

Sitting in one position, reading and writing, makes your body stiff. A short walk during a break will stretch and relax your muscles. Visit the market nearby or just take a walk around your building or society. The fresh air you inhale will ensure you get more oxygen in to you brains.

Read a novel or magazine

If you don’t want to eat or walk, catching up with your favourite novel isn’t a bad idea either.

Don’t read things that are related to your study session, it will tire you out. Remember, this is a break, so read something off-topic, that you love. It will refresh you.

Complete an unfinished work

You had been thinking to keep that book-rack tidy since quite a while. Well, you can do it right now.

Make sure you don’t waste more time than you had decided for a break – say, 10, or 15 min max.

Music or Yoga

Listen to your favourite music album or just close your eyes to meditate. This can be a huge stress reliever.

Releasing your stress replenishes your mind and brings positivity in your thoughts.

Try not meditating during your night study session, as you might just fall in to sleep :)


Play some games, say, on your mobile or with friends, if you are doing group studies.

Playing games such as sudoku, chess etc., will keep your mind alert and sharp.

Again, remember the time limit you have alloted for this break. Going beyond it will take your mind off studies.


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