Why is group study the best way for learning

Studying in groups or group discussion is one of the best ways to learning things more effectively. Given below are the reasons why it is considered so-

1) Quicker and better results. With more brains involved you will find that it is quicker and easier to solve complicated and difficult things, which otherwise would have taken hours when done alone.

2) Shortcuts. Many times we struggle with a solution, but in group you might stumble with a student who has got a shortcut to that solution. It makes life oh so easier.

3) No misses. Often you will find that one of your group buddies has caught something what others might have completely missed in the first place.

4) Sharing and Learning. The more you share, the more you learn. When you explain something to your group, you will be surprised at how much you yourself know of the subject.

5) Understanding and comprehending. When someone explains things better, especially if it is our own buddy from the group, in a language or style, that you connect with, it becomes easier to understand and comprehend.

6) Knowledge accumulation – When you share, you will gather more inputs from others. This way you build a good knowledge base of that subject within yourself.

7) Correcting the wrongs. Double checking your projects with each other, helps you put things in the correct order.

8) Target fixing. Studying in groups helps you to figure out what you know and what you do not know. This allows you to target your remaining study by dedicating more time to things that you are not familiar with, thus making your study more effective, and saving time.

9) Positive competitive spirit. If one student in the group shares knowledge of a thing s/he knows, it drives other students to come up and explain things what they know too.

Group study or group discussion is thus a positive, fun and enjoyable experience for all involved.

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