Careers for students with good spatial ability

Spatial ability is generally viewed as the brain’s ability to perceive, process and imagine information about the physical universe. An exceptionally spatial-skilled is able to picture shapes in the brain without looking at them. Thus, a spatially intelligent person tends to learn visually.

Though everyone has varying degrees of spatial intelligence, few are highly spatially-able. For instance, Leonardo da Vinci, Mario Andretti etc all had something in common, viz., high spatial intelligence.

However, having spatial ability is not limited to just being a painter or an architect in life. As talent can be leveraged into fulfilling different career prospects, same goes for spatially intelligent persons.

Careers for spatially gifted students

Here are a few very well known and explored career choices enumerated below, which a spatially intelligent student could choose from-

1) CNC Programming

To visualize, make technical drawings on how components of a machine work require CNC (Computer Numerical Control) programming jobs. Exciting and technical, it is a perfect choice for spatially skilled with a technical bent of mind individuals.

2) Architecture & Map related careers

Imagine a job that requires you to create a map with accurate distances and you keep in consideration the various factors as sunlight, ventilation and drainage systems. Sounds exciting? You may be a future architect in making then. Your main job will be to create a residential home’s plan and play with spaces, in general terms.

3) Visual Arts (Advertising , Graphic Designing or Photography)

Love what you see as a social media post or enjoy understanding the creative process of an advertisement flashing all over ? Is your panache in – animation, Illustrations or creating fun and inspirational videos? Or, do you aspire of capturing life through images and pictures?

Then advertisement, graphic designing, photography may be few of your career choices to be explored.

4) Physicists and Astronomers

Astronomers and physicists are designers who create experiments that explore nature. Astronomers may apply their knowledge to solve problems in satellite communication or space research, while physicists work on various theories related to physics of universe.

Engineering and technology options are also viable for those finding their interests blooming in these fields.

Skills and Educational qualifications required :

For engineering and technical related career – After 10th, one can opt for Science stream who wish to make a career in technical field such as physics, engineering and programming. In India, entrance exams such as AIEEE, IIT – JEE and CET and college’s individual processes are used to select students for a higher degree studies. Thereafter which a 3-4 years Bachelor degree in the field of engineering stream of their or physics choice is a good option.

Those looking for a career in architecture, degree course (B.Arch.) is of a minimum period of 5 academic years. The students are expected to be from science stream in their 12th grade and after which are expected to qualify NATA (National Aptitude Test in Architecture (NATA) exam conducted by The National Institute of Advanced Studies in Architecture (NIASA), Pune, an Academic Unit of the Council of Architecture (COA). For more information visit

Those looking for creative careers as advertising, photography and graphic designing can make a unique carve for themselves by exploring new unconventional methods and getting necessary on field experience for same.

Wishing you all a great career ahead !


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