How Smartphone help you in Classrooms?

Smartphones help you work smart. Gone are the days when hard work had a more exalted position than smart work. Today when internet has literally enslaved us, smartphones have become indispensable to us anywhere and everywhere!

Here are a top 10 ways smartphones have revolutionized our studies and the way we do it:

1) Recording and Replaying!

Remember those times when you are not in a mood to jot down class notes but you do not want to miss out on anything despite being distracted or dozy, then your smartphone’s audio recorder will do a foolproof job at grasping every single point that is being taught in class! You even get the liberty to listen to the reruns of these audio clips any time you wish!

2) Learning is an experience!

At least half a decade ago, so much stuff in textbooks weren’t really things we ever saw in our lives, especially the ones taught in history and geography classes. But with the advent of everyone’s unanimous favorite video streaming channel YouTube, aint no mountain high enough or ain’t no mountain low enough.

Just Google it and all the information you need is just a swipe away!

3) Student friendly apps!

Hop onto playstore and check out the 100s of educational aid apps that will help you from setting reminders to help you stay in track and even measure your productivity against time! Studying is totally cool nowadays!

4) Absent in class but up-to-date nonetheless!

Now even if you missed school or college a few days, don’t have to get nightmares thinking about pending portions to complete! Via popular messaging apps, get screen shots of all those notes!

5) Get the answers to your queries regardless of where you are!

Have a doubt about something and your teacher couldn’t successfully clear it? Then just Google it and more often than not its guaranteed that you will find a relevant solution from a blog or web portal!

6) Read books on the Go!

If your books are too heavy and cumbersome to carry around, just download their e-book or pdf version and read them whenever you feel like!

7) Capture it and share with the world!

Saw something unfair or unethical happening at school or in your locality? Then do not hesitate capture it via your smartphone and spread the word about it to awaken attention and spread awareness!

8) Learn a new language!

Always wanted to learn a new language but unfortunately it is not in the curriculum at school?? Download a language app likr duolingo etc and start flaunting your linguistic skills!

9) Music and its therapy!

Want to listen to soothing classical music or relaxing meditation music while solving maths problems or revising? Your smartphone can get that done for you too!

10) What an idea Sirji?

It’s the school annual day/college day in the next few weeks and you still have no choreographer for the dance programmes! Just hunt online for tutorials to dance performances that will surely guide you to put up a great show!

Smartphones have literally become the better halves of learning today!


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