Top 6 career options for students who are good with numbers

If you love numbers and have the ability to solve complex mathematical problems with speed and precision, a host of good career options awaits you.

While creative and intuitive people find their niche in artistic field, logical and analytical individuals flourish well in technical and highly critical problem solving. There is alway an extremely high demand for people with good financial and numerical bent of mind.

We list below some of the well known career field options for ones with good numerical ability:-

Actuarial Officers

Actuarial Science is a branch of science that deals with the use of mathematics and statistical methods combined with economics and financial knowledge. They calculate and assess the financial risk and uncertainty in finance, insurance, and other industries, thus, helping to minimise the cost of such risks. (Read more about Actuarial Science career)

Investment Bankers

Investment bank is a financial institution that assists individuals, corporations, and governments in raising financial capital (funds). Numbers again forms the core of this profession, and a degree in management is preferred for one’s qualifying criteria.

Chartered Accountants:

Chartered accountants work in fields such as audit, taxation, financial management. While some work in public sector other choose to set up their own private venture. This profession involves high level analytical and logical reasoning and love for numbers. (Read more about Chartered Accountants)

Civil Engineer:

Civil engineers supervise the construction at project sites, provide technical advice, compute materials etc. Apart from paying attention to details they are in charge of planning, strategising and leading whole plan.


Research into accepted and unaccepted areas for greater good of society, being highly analytical and unconventional is their qualities. Their profession demands especially those having affinity towards numbers to be quite adept in Mathematics.

Computer Programmer:

Coding decoding, testing a product, creating software development life cycle etc., are few of the requirements of a computer programmer. Coding requires you to be good with numbers and have a logically sound mind.

Thus, as seen, there are various fields open for students with numerical excellence.


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