Top paragliding institutes in India

Human beings by basic nature are raw and adventure loving. The love for adventure gave rise to adventure sports like mountaineering, cycling, scuba diving and paragliding, things that our ancestors did as part of their daily lives! India has diverse mountain ranges and topography resulting into many aviation sports and becoming mecca of adventure sports of sorts.

Paragliding is one such popular sport. Why? Because it give you wings, the ones better than Red Bull. The ones that actually enable you to fly in the sky.

Paragliding doesn’t require motorized equipment like parasailing at the beach. A clever paraglider can sustain his flight for few hours just by exploiting wind power. He or she can also gain enough altitude for a better view. But to fly like a professional, you need professional training.

We have short listed best paragliding institutes across India for you. Bir and Manali in North India, Kamshet and other places near Pune Mumbai and Bangalore in South India host finest training institutes. Before you finalise the place to learn paragliding, visit online paragliding forums and do your own research.

1. PG Gurukul, Bir

Located in the mountain state of Himachal Pradesh, Bir is one of the top ten paragliding spots. The site is good for intermediate level paragliding. The institute has top notch instructors for you. The site is 13 km away from the main town of Bir. The training given here is certified by an international paragliding association.

The head instructor, Mr. Gurpreet have worked for UK based Airway Flight Park as a paragliding instructor.

Contact: or Email:

2. Atal Bihari Vajpayee Institute of Mountaineering and Allied Sports, Manali

What can be better than learning paragliding from India’s best adventure sports institute? Manali is becoming prime spot for paragliders in India. Here one can learn beginner course in the paragliding. Here one can learn beginner course in the paragliding for Rs.7000/-.

The institute uses Solang Nullah site for the course during May to October. Monsoon season is not suitable for paragliding. One should register for May to June or September-October window to get trained here.


3. Nirvana Adventures, Mumbai

Nirvana adventures based in Mumbai have taken paragliding to another level in Western Ghats. The organisation has developed unique concept of ‘paragliding holidays’, where enthusiasts can spend weekend along with a sense of adventure. Their 2 day or 3 day introductory course in paragliding are perfect for working urban population. Along with that the institute also conducts professional certifications under Elementary pilot course and Club pilot course. 2 day introductory course is offered at Rs.12, 000/- (cost of accommodation and meals included.)


4. Bangalore Mountaineering Club, Bangalore

Courses designed by Bangalore Mountaineering Club are as per European standards for paragliding. Trainers will give you perfect combination of theory and practical knowledge through Elementary Pilot Paragliding course. One can completely fly solo after completing Club Pilot Paragliding course here. Both courses cost Rs.20, 000/- and can be completed over the period of two weekends. One can even check out sample paragliding flight through Tandem paragliding. Pilot on-board will handle the equipment for you. It cost around Rs.2500/- per flight.


PS: Please contact the institutes mentioned above to get the latest fees and charges.

(Special thanks to Akshay Tarfe for his valued contributions to this article)


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