Travelling is the greatest educational gift to oneself

Almost all those of grueling hours we spent in school, how many of them actually helped us to face the big bad world and its surreal realities?

Life is the best teacher and often the most priceless lessons about life and about our very selves in particular are learnt outside our school boundaries, from the paths that we embark upon and by the people whom we meet on these journeys.

There is a beautiful Quranic verse that goes: ‘don’t talk about how educated you are, talk about how much you have travelled!’

Travel is extremely underrated and the importance of it underappreciated by many. A major chunk of our lives are spent in schools and colleges. The fundamental formative years, the time when one’s character gets molded is also the time when we live bound to conformities of curriculum & syllabuses!

The top ways travelling is sometimes, the only kind of education one needs:

1) Travelling pushes us out of our comfort zones.

On a regular basis, when we live amidst people we know and who know us and our pet peeves, whims and fancies etc. But when we have set upon a journey there will be situations where we would have to wait for or even at times, forego things that we thought we couldn’t do without.

The most seasoned travelers are some of the most patient and perseverant people. Travelling helps one to let go and to just make the most of what one has in absolute gratitude.

2) Word to the seniors!

Take your little ones who already have social science classes in school, on trips to the heritage sites they learn about in books. History and geography will attain more luster in the minds of kids and will be enable them to retain facts way better because they actually saw, felt and even touched they learnt about in school. This could also transform into a sweet and splendid family vacation as well as paving way for a whole new dimension to appreciation of culture and history to arise in your kids’ minds!

3) The mind is very nasty, it tricks us into believing that the only place we have ever lived is indeed the only place to be.

Remember, you haven’t lived your life if you haven’t travelled! The book of your life is not just one page, there is more to it. Unless you set out to experience the first rays of the sun in another place totally new to you, you have gorged on a meal totally unfamiliar to your palate, or you haven’t seen the night sky from another town or even felt the cool zephyr in a desert land, then there is a lot that is amiss in one’s life.

Get out of the box that you live in, that will make you humble and with humility comes wisdom!

4) Travelling exposes certain human truths in all its innate nakedness.

On journeys to unknown lands we come up, close and personal with some common threads of humanity that connect us. The realization that anything that is human is never alien to us and that what affects us, can affect another person in a foreign land, the very same way it affects us, and dawns upon us.

Compassion, tolerance and respect for one another are instilled by the medium of travelling.

5) It is when one ventures outside the safe haven of familiarity that one realizes how blessed one’s life is.

Travelling makes you realize that the lives we lead are often somebody else’s idea of the perfect fairy tale. So pack your bags and set out to travel today! Abandon your inhibitions, every last bit of them, only then will you be ready to embrace novelty in all shapes and forms.

Travel is that what brings us back to the essence of living, which is the feeling of being ALIVE!


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